Lent beckons…

I wasn’t going to do anything for Lent this year, mainly because I couldn’t think of anything worthwhile and challenging. Last year I made the (brave) decision to give up tea…I did it, but never again! I am a bit of a self-confessed tea addict, so found it so so hard to do. But then, I guess that is part of what Lent is all about…if it was easy there would be no point! That’s why I decided that unless I found something really good to do this year I just wouldn’t do anything. However, when I went home for reading week I came across an idea.

My Mum and I have a habit of going into town just for a simple reason, such as going to the bank, and then ending up scouting round the charity shops, and coming home with bags and bags of shopping! Well, not to buck a trend, when we gave my Grandparents a lift into Oswestry we filled our time by hunting for new bargains 🙂 Here is what I bought:

Actually, they are all things that will be really useful for me. I have been looking for some longer skirts, mainly because living in North Wales most of the time involves lots of wind – not good with a mini skirt! This polka dot one is made of really soft cotton so should be lovely in summer 🙂 The dress is also nice for summer, but can be layered for now. The bed linen…I have wanted for a while to make a skirt from old kids’ bed linen, as the patterns are always so bright and fun. However, up until now I haven’t found any I like! There is a slight issue with this set though…it is HSM :/ But, I should be able to cut my pieces from it in such a way that that won’t be obvious and instead it will just be the graffiti style flowers and swirls! In fact, I have already made a shift dress from the pillowcase! (photos to follow soon). Anyway, back to Lent…

So, I went shopping on the Wednesday and spent about £10. Not too bad for what I got, but still enough to pay for a week’s food shopping. Then, before I got my train back to Bangor on Saturday we decided to pop into Oswestry again for a cuppa and a browse. Well, that was possibly a fatal decision! 😛 The first shop we went into I fell in love with a pair of boots. Too high to walk in, bright purple that doesn’t go with much I own, £20. I walked away. However, all through the rest of our shopping I just couldn’t shake them out of my head! We went into the vintage shop in the hope I would find something to distract me, for less. Well, it kinda worked…I came away with an early 70s dress (quite similar in style to the one above…hopefully will do a post on it soon) for £8. However, it didn’t stop me thinking about the boots! Also, I didn’t actually spend that money…let’s just say I have a very nice Mother 😛 So…I eventually gave in and went back to try them on. The only pair in the shop, my size, they fit and I could just about walk in them. Sold! I have no idea when I will wear them, but I still love them 🙂

So, the upshot of all this shopping was that I felt I was spending too much. This is where Lent comes in! I have decided that I will give up shopping (excluding food shopping of course – I’m not going to starve!). It shouldn’t be too bad while I’m at Uni, but once back home it could be trickier :/ Instead I might get round to making some more things – I have about 5 or 6 projects lined up! I also want to organise a swapping party amongst my friends – a brilliant way to give some unwanted clothes a new lease of life, and also get a few new wardrobe additions! So, for now, It’s back to assignments and time to start saving money!!


About awishisarainbow

I have recently finished my degree in Linguistics, and now living back in Mid Wales facing the real world. I love to travel and take photographs. However, I spend more time making clothes and jewellery, and just generally filling my wardrobe with all the colours of the rainbow!!
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3 Responses to Lent beckons…

  1. ibc4 says:

    A noble ambition. Good luck with your Lent.
    I remember giving up coffee last year. Nearly killed me.
    This year – I’m giving up gambling and lotteries. Totally unnecessary habit.

    PS – I love those boots. They are gorgeous.

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