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How doth the busy bee…

A quick catch up on some recent outfits is due I think! Firstly, a trip to the cinema to see Kung Fu Panda 2 and Harry Potter 🙂 I find cinema seats can be kinda prickly, so I wanted something … Continue reading

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If clothes could talk…

Before you fall over with shock, yes I am posting twice in three days! Miracles do happen 😛 Probably more to the point, lack of imagination of what to do today. The weather is horrid, Dad’s at work, Mum’s off … Continue reading

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Busy bees and poetry :)

It’s been a busy week, and I think it’s only going to get busier!! I seem to have had no time at all to blog, and so it’s quite nice to be able to sit down and write 🙂 We … Continue reading

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Holiday Part 2 :)

So, a few days later than planned, here is the second part of our holiday 🙂 Tuesday, the weather broke We woke up to torrential rain and very strong, noisy winds. Not nice!! As we all were tired and achy … Continue reading

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A busman’s holiday?

I’ve just got back from our family holiday 🙂 We had a lovely week in North Wales. Now, I know I go to Uni in North Wales, and therefore it may seem like a busman’s holiday, but I don’t really … Continue reading

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