Busy bees and poetry :)

It’s been a busy week, and I think it’s only going to get busier!! I seem to have had no time at all to blog, and so it’s quite nice to be able to sit down and write πŸ™‚ We went to the cinema last Sunday to see Kung Fu Panda 2 and Harry Potter 7 Part 2, both in 3D πŸ™‚ They are both brilliant, although in very different ways – one is really funny and beautifully animated, the other very powerful and intense. I’m sure you can work out which is which πŸ˜› Since then I’ve been at Powis Castle again, being a lady’s maid to my Mum (minus sight, because I forgot my contact lenses and wasn’t allowed to keep on my glasses :/), done the weekly shopping (very exciting :/) and been belly dancing! I have finished the choreography for next semester, finally! I think it’s going to look pretty good tbh! Anyway, today I have nothing set in stone, although I might go across to my grandparents to help them unpack and sort more stuff. They moved over two years ago, but have struggled with unpacking everything. I am glad to be helpful πŸ™‚ I should have a whole post on things we found soon – I have some dressing up and posing to do first though πŸ˜› Oooo, and on Friday, Mum and I are going to see The Nutcracker!! I’m so excited πŸ™‚

This post however, is a mix of a few things. I have been writing more poetry recently, but not quite such in-depth emotional poetry as before…it’s something new to me! Anyway, I wrote this at the beginning of July to go with a set of photos I had taken a week or so before. The idea is that the photos represent the poem and vice versa. Whether or not that works…well, please let me know! πŸ™‚

The audience quietens.
A hush ensues.
The dancer floats onto the floor
Enshrouded in a veil of mystery.
Her bare feet, firmly grounded,
Her arms held high.
Not a flicker of movement,
Not a whisper of sound.

Slowly, the music begins.
A small movement of the hips,
Hardly noticeable.
It builds and builds
Until her whole body is shimmering;
Head to toe, a magical sight.
The start of something special.

She turns to face,
Bringing her slender arms down
Until they are held at shoulder height.
Her pretty face is revealed;
Hidden secrets in her smile,
Joy for dance in her eyes.

All through her dance
She captivates her audience.
Not through showmanship
Or even confidence,
But through her emotion.
She lives to dance.
Every movement tells a story,
Every smile Β is for herself.

At the end, she curtseys;
Thanking her audience.
They witnessed something special tonight –
A window on her soul.
As she leaves the floor
Her turquoise skirt flutters and swirls,
Her veil trails behind.
Her eyes search the floor.


‘Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another.’ Β ~Author Unknown


About awishisarainbow

I have recently finished my degree in Linguistics, and now living back in Mid Wales facing the real world. I love to travel and take photographs. However, I spend more time making clothes and jewellery, and just generally filling my wardrobe with all the colours of the rainbow!!
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3 Responses to Busy bees and poetry :)

  1. Such an amazing post! The photos are beautiful, Liza πŸ™‚

  2. Lauren says:

    Looking lovely in that belly dancing outfit! And your poetry is just beautiful! It really speaks to the heart

  3. Kate says:

    You look stunning!

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