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The witching hour

Well, nearly a month on, I guess I should show you my Halloween costume! I’m not particularly pleased with the pictures I have, but make the best of a bad job I guess! I guess balancing my camera on the … Continue reading

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Memories Part 2 :)

So here is part 2 of my trip down memory lane. I have now left Bellan House, age 9ish about to start at the ‘big school’ in Year 5. This was called the Lower School…I was in L3HCM to begin … Continue reading

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A touch of the culture vulture

This post is a bit overdue…I meant to write it about a week or so ago! oops 😛 I seemed to have quite a cultural reading week this year – a lovely mix of classic plays and beautiful ballet, plus … Continue reading

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Satin, swishes and fur :P

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post…I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one feeling like that! Hopefully we will are sort through the tough times and be stronger because of it, with amazing friends standing … Continue reading

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Friendship is a delicate vessel…

‘I feel like I’m losing a friend. Losing a best friend. I miss when we talked, Every day. I’d tell you everything, You’d tell me anything. We always knew how the other felt. But we’re drifting apart. We hardly talk … Continue reading

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Memories :)

Inspired by my friend Kate of What Kate Did, I wanted to revisit some photo memories. I love my photos….I have loads on my laptop, and even more on my external! My screensaver goes through all the pictures in My … Continue reading

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Long skirts and polka dots :D

After the wordy posts of last week, I think some outfit pictures are due 🙂 Most are from a couple of weeks ago, because being at home means boring outfits, covered in dog hair. Nice. Ok, so this first picture … Continue reading

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The Sound of Music

As I mentioned previously, I feel there is a huge influence of music in my life. Nothing majorly life-changing, but just a selection of songs and specific lyrics that I relate to, tunes that make me smile, and songs that … Continue reading

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Sweet Inspiration

Inspiration. What does it mean to you? – An idea for a project? Maybe a way of life? Or even just something that connects with you in some way? To me, it defines most of the things I do, from … Continue reading

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