The next instalment…

The next instalment of pictures from the 30 day challenge…

Day 13 – Yourself with 13 things!

There are 12 things in the box, and then the box itself, plus my hand. Mum and I had gone to our Belly Dancing Xmas Party on Tuesday evening, and we got lots of goodies 🙂 Cards, chocolate, bath things, keyring, photos, and the box itself! Lucky me 🙂 In here I think there is  – magnolia shower gel, a cupcake lipgloss, a set of bath fizzers, Cadbury Wish, a flower fabric keyring, a photograph card from our 20th anniversary meal, a card, three bangles, and a gift bag 🙂

Day 14 – Eyes.

Truffie looks slightly evil in this photograph…probably because I had my camera too close 😛 I love the detail in her fur, and the reflection of me in her eye. I wanted to stay away from the predictable with this word…and Truffie was determined to ‘help’ me all day 😛


Day 15 – Silhouette.

A tricky one…lack of bright sunlight, and a day spent in the car and at a family friend’s! However, this has worked fairly well. It is the silhouette of the Breidden, with Rodney’s Pillar just visible on top. I have only been up to the pillar once, in a 4×4 🙂 We even mangaged to get Grandma and Grandpa up there…it was very blowy and I ended up chasing Grandpa’s hat along the hilltop to stop it flying away!

Day 16 – Long exposure.

I really struggled with this one…mainly because I didn’t really understand the effect of exposure :/ It took me forever to work out how to change it on my camera! Then came the challenge of taking a good photograph – Mum suggested I focus on something and then move it…not really effective. Dad said this was silly, and got me to take pictures of our Christmas tree with longer and longer exposure until we got this effect. I quite like it, but compared to Kate’s for this day, it’s not that good 😛


Day 17 – Technology.

Not strictly what this should have been of, but I think Christmas lights count loosely as technology 😛 This is so pretty and hangs at the bottom of our stairs over Christmas. It is like a star or a flower looking over us 🙂

Day 18 – Your shoes.

Well, my shoes 😛 New lime green t-bar heels, Portly boots, and my amazing purple button boots with their giraffe passengers 😛 Need I say more?! Hehe I have to say….I haven’t worn any of these very recently!


‘Between saying and doing many a pair of shoes is worn out.’ ~Italian Proverb 


About awishisarainbow

I have recently finished my degree in Linguistics, and now living back in Mid Wales facing the real world. I love to travel and take photographs. However, I spend more time making clothes and jewellery, and just generally filling my wardrobe with all the colours of the rainbow!!
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2 Responses to The next instalment…

  1. Rosalind says:

    What a great idea – I particularly like day 14: the eyes.

  2. yeeeeed says:

    I love the technology one!

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