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Silk and Sequins :)

Just to start by finishing the last post…I eventually made the decision to do the Summer Show and not go to the Hafla. It is a dreadful shame, but it makes more sense this way. Hopefully I shall get the … Continue reading

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Decisions decisions…

Decisions. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I HATE decisions. Especially when I have to decide between two equally good or two equally bad things. Even a simple thing such as deciding what to have for lunch can stump … Continue reading

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Dance like no-one is watching…

Some people love Valentine’s Day. Some people hate it. I am neither…I just forget that it even happens! I haven’t always done that – when I was at school I hated Valentine’s Day. The pressure of wanting to get a … Continue reading

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Revisiting an era of dancing and unity

Last night I stepped back in time to attend a 1940s Dance in Llandudno. Five of us from Latin & Ballroom went along to enjoy the dancing and music. I have to say, for a while it was quite nice … Continue reading

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My Sixth Form days…

Over two months after the last ‘memories’ post, I’ve finally got round to carrying on 😛 Previously, I got up to the end of Year 11. Now, I shall look back at sixth form! I stayed on at Oswestry School … Continue reading

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