My Sixth Form days…

Over two months after the last ‘memories’ post, I’ve finally got round to carrying on 😛 Previously, I got up to the end of Year 11. Now, I shall look back at sixth form! I stayed on at Oswestry School for both years 12 & 13 – I was happy there, and my friends were there.

The first major thing of lower 6th, was mine and Andy’s trip to Moscow to visit Olga. This was the most amazing week…and I wish it had been longer! Within those seven days we managed to go to the Moscow Circus, see Giselle at the Ballet (not the Bolshoi, I can’t remember which one though!), went to the Arbat district for souvenirs, went to see a Coco Chanel exhibition, looked round the Tretyakovskaya Art Gallery, went to Red Square and saw St Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, GUM and the History Museum….we looked round the Kremlin Armoury and Museum…and also did a lot of shopping and exploring the Metro! So many brilliant memories, and I really really want to go again!!

Somewhere I have photos from the Xmas social, but can’t seem to locate them at the moment! Not that much really happened other than Twister, pool and alcohol 😛

The next main event was the Valentine’s Ball. Unfortunately I had no-one to go with, so myself and some other single friends went as a group 🙂 It was still a lovely evening, and a chance to dress up 🙂

Easter came, and with it another chance to go abroad! This time for a media seminar courtesy of the UK-German Connection, for which I filled in a form and forgot about it until my German teacher received an email saying I had got a place! It was then I realised that this was quite possibly going to be the scariest thing I had ever done! I am a shy person, not good at introducing myself to a group of people I don’t know. I’m also quite shy in using any foreign language I may be learning…so going to Berlin with about 30 students from both the UK and Germany, to speak German for a weekend, specialising in media was going to be a major challenge! Needless to say I did manage, and I have to say that one of my best friends is someone I met there. I’m now so glad I went! The weekend itself consisted of taster sessions and workshops for podcasting, film making, journalism and photography. I chose photography as my main workshop, although ended up not really taking many photos myself. I did manage to be the subject of a few though 😛 The group photo is of those of us who did the photography workshops, and the other photo is one from our final set of pictures named ‘Colours and Emotion’.

At the start of July there was a lot going on. Firstly, I climbed Snowdon! I vowed to never do it again having been dragged up the last quarter of the ascent 😛 I was proud of myself when I reached the top, but I wasn’t exactly a fan of walking at the time. The next day we had our Sixth Form BBQ with bouncy castle, giant Twister and surf board thing that was like a bucking Bronto! I didn’t try it 😛 Then, a day later we had the school sponsored walk. I couldn’t wear my walking boots because they had bruised my ankles on the trip up Snowdon and so had to wear trainers. In fact, the same ones I ended up wearing to climb Snowdon the second time in Summer 2011! Back to the sponsored walk…10km round Oswestry, leading the Year 7’s I think. I slept well for the rest of the week 😛

To signal the end of the year we had the annual Summer Ball. Unfortunately the only photo I have of me from that somehow came out weird when I transferred it from my camera, but it is a photo nonetheless!!

That summer our family holiday was to Tenerife (I think :P). Lots of lizards and sunshine! As I might have mentioned before, hot weather and myself are not best friends 😛 I did enjoy the holiday though, just required quite a lot of ice cream to keep me pleasant.

Upper 6th and I was one of the prefects. For this we required training, which took place in Welshpool at the Royal Oak. I can’t really remember what we did…other than a lot of talking and discussing!

Theme Night this year was Prehistoric themed. Not to be predictable I went as a Sabre Tooth Tiger 😛 Well, I attempted to! Mum did my make up for me, I made leopard print fingerless gloves and covered the buttons of shirt in the same fabric. I then took tufts of hair for ears and wore a scarf round my waist as a tail. I think Dijah, Nisah and Des should have had best costume of the night…they went as two rocks and a cave! Nice 🙂

Fireworks night and a Xmas social came and went, then we had the Xmas Fair. I wanted to do a stall and managed to coerce a few little helpers into making things with me! We had ‘Hugs’ which were little heart shaped pom poms under the premise of giving someone a hug for Christmas 🙂  There were also other pom pom creatures, felt flower brooches, wooled flowers, crocheted flowers, a few little boxes, phone charms and bracelets, woven friendship bracelets and lastly a raffle to win a big pom pom Rudolph 🙂 I loved that reindeer…didn’t want to give him away and always meant to make another. Funnily enough, I never did 😛 We raised about £30 maybe more 🙂

After Christmas was the Valentine’s Ball again. Once more I had no-one to go with, this time pairing up with Shenna 😛 There were six of us on our table and we had a lovely time. Mum and I made my dress this year…it actually fits me better now than it did then 😛 I also wore rainbow false eyelashes!

It wasn’t all fun and games, sometimes it was just Maths games 😛 Yes, I was sad enough to choose to do maths for fun. I did both the Senior Maths Challenge and the Team Challenge (in both years actually). In Lower Sixth we came fourth in the Team Challenge, but in Upper Sixth we only managed eighth out of about 15. Still not bad I guess!

One of my favourite parts of that school year was Variety Night where I danced publically for the first time in absolutely ages. I did a ballet solo which was one of my Grade 8 pieces, but the stage wasn’t really big enough. Then I did a duet with Mum to ‘Eyes Like Yours’ by Shakira. I didn’t really know the choreography, I copied most of it, but it meant a lot to me to dance with my Mum in front of my friends. Especially in a bra top and skirt 😛 That may well have been more nerve-wracking than the dancing itself!

The rest of the year passed in exams and studying. Finally it was the end of the school year and time for Speech Day. I was awarded three prizes – German, Business Studies (sorry Andy :P) and Russian – and went up to receive them from Robert Hardy CBE (Cornelius Fudge from Harry Potter!! ). Times like that I loved my school 😛 After all the speeches and awards I took my family to look round the art exhibition staged in the Gym, and then back over to the field for lunch. Buffet meal of little sandwiches, pastries and bonnes bouches 😛 Plus strawberries and cream for pudding 🙂

That evening was the Summer Ball. This time I got more pictures and enjoyed myself more, even if the majority of my close friends weren’t there. I was happier in my dress this year, and the company was better. I think because it was my final year I made the most of it all.

And with that it symbolized the end of my school career. All I had to do was wait for my results in August and start preparing for University. I knew even at that point that I was likely to be going to Bangor as I didn’t really have a reserve choice and I would have had to have done fairly badly in my exams not to get in, especially considering my predicted grades. I never wanted to go to Uni in the first place – more studying?! No thank you!! – but as lovely Mrs Payne pointed out to me, what else was I going to do? I was definitely not ready for the real world yet. So, I applied along with everyone else and tried to get excited.

”When it came to my own children’s education, I was very careful. When one of my daughters was unhappy at school, I did not hesitate – I whisked her straight out. I didn’t want her to experience the same trauma that I had.” ~Robert Hardy (this quote does not reflect how I felt at school, merely demonstrates Hardy’s link to education, rather tenuously :P)


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I have recently finished my degree in Linguistics, and now living back in Mid Wales facing the real world. I love to travel and take photographs. However, I spend more time making clothes and jewellery, and just generally filling my wardrobe with all the colours of the rainbow!!
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  1. Shenna says:

    Ahhhh~ younger days. =)

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