The world’s dark battle

Just thought I’d share something I wrote in April last year, one lonely evening in Bangor. I’ve been doing more prose writing recently, more than poetry even, and the rediscovered this on my laptop. Enjoy 🙂

‘The rain started to fall, slowly at first, then torrential, quickly becoming purely a sheet of water appearing outside the window. The sky has darkened, almost to the point that I could easily believe it was evening. It isn’t. It is 11am, on a normal Saturday morning. Except, it is no longer a normal Saturday morning, it is pitch black and there is more rain than the world can cope with. Something has to give. Something has to happen.

A rumble in the distance. That spells trouble on a scale previously unimaginable. However, now, nothing would surprise me, not anymore. Another rumble, closer this time. The storm is coming, bringing with it enough energy to sort out the rain for good. My normal Saturday has suddenly become a waiting game as I sit watching the world outside disappear.

Flash! Momentarily I see everything; all the overflowing drains, the bedraggled cat caught in the onslaught, lakes forming on the road; then it disappears once more. It’s the not knowing that is so awful. When will it strike? How will I know? Another rumble…1…2…3…4…5…flash. Definitely getting closer.

My heart is pounding in time with the rumbles, with each it intensifies, until I feel like it could break free at any moment. Each flash brings the blanket tighter round me, as I cling to what I know. I’m safe, for now. I know that a blanket won’t really protect me, but it helps in my head. It helps keep me sane.

I look away as I can’t bear the sight of the deluge outside. So much anger in that sky, so much harm in the light, mystery in the dark. It’s bad enough hearing the rumbles and claps approaching, without watching disaster unfold in front of my eyes. Eventually it gets too much and I have to cover my ears. Pressing harder and harder, to block out every last speck of sound, cowering under the safety blanket. The sound intensifies, the flashing continues even though my eyes are squeezed shut, and I feel my whole body tremble. This is it, the end, not sure how much more I can take…

Silence. Slowly I take away my hands. Nothing. Not a single sound emerges from anywhere. I open my eyes and discover that the world has reappeared, albeit being viewing through a slight haze. I’m not sure if that is outside, or just my eyes after having been screwed up tight for half an hour. Finally the trembling stops, the blanket loosens and I start to breathe again. The world survived the battle, and it all happened right outside my window. It was almost as if I was the audience and the sky had put on a show. Definitely a 5 star horror in my opinion.

The haze subsides, and slowly, very slowly, the sky lightens. Somewhere in the distance the Cathedral strikes twelve, and it is hard to believe that less than an hour ago the world outside was as dark as night. The sun cautiously pokes its head round a cloud checking for danger. It considers it safe enough to emerge fully and starts to clear up the damage done by the rain. Lakes become puddles, rivers become trickles, and slowly the roads reappear. It is set to be a beautiful Saturday afternoon.’


About awishisarainbow

I have recently finished my degree in Linguistics, and now living back in Mid Wales facing the real world. I love to travel and take photographs. However, I spend more time making clothes and jewellery, and just generally filling my wardrobe with all the colours of the rainbow!!
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