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Another piece of prose writing from a couple of weeks ago… ‘All this time she’d been trapped. Unable to free herself, unable to fly away. Like a bird with clipped wings. She knew where she wanted to be, but couldn’t … Continue reading

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Shadows of the Past

I’ve been looking back through my archives this evening, checking what prose and poetry I’d previously posted, and seeing what I’d written about this time last year and the year before. Well, last year I was out of the country, … Continue reading

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It Lives! Plus….a bit dressmaking for good measure…

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! IT’S BACK!!!!!! Sorry….for anyone who hadn’t noticed my complaining on Facebook, that may seem a tad extreme….but for everyone else…..MY BLOG IS BACK!!!! For the first time in two months it has actually decided to open! And it didn’t … Continue reading

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