It Lives! Plus….a bit dressmaking for good measure…

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! IT’S BACK!!!!!! Sorry….for anyone who hadn’t noticed my complaining on Facebook, that may seem a tad extreme….but for everyone else…..MY BLOG IS BACK!!!! For the first time in two months it has actually decided to open! And it didn’t even take forever! And….I didn’t do anything!! Ok….excitement over 😛 Now to hope it posts at the end of this, and that it doesn’t revert to being inaccessible…

Anyway! I will get back to posting some poetry and short prose soon….I’ve got a bit of a backlog! That’s once I’ve established what I’ve already posted 😛 As for outfit posts…I’ve kind of stopped those on here as I’m posting on the What Liza Wore page on Facebook….but I can go back to explaining/chatting about them on here too if anyone wants?

‘And now for something completely different’ 😛 Well, a bit different anyway. I recently went to a wedding, and I decided on a certain dress to wear. The only problem was that the zip was broken. Not a little stiff, or needed easing….no, totally broken. This meant attempting to a) find a suitable replacement, and b) sewing it in NEATLY. Yay. I had done a couple of zips before, but they always buckled or were a pain to pin. Oh well, if I wanted to wear it I needed to make it wearable!

First job: Take out old zip. Image

This is the fun and easy bit 🙂 I like deconstructing things! Carefully unpicking all the old stitching, trying not to damage the fine (and very old) fabric…only took an hour or so!

Second job: Measure old zip and find new one. 

Much trickier! I went to so many haberdashers trying to get a zip the right length in the right colour. Well, in an adequate colour actually. If they were the right length they were too dark or too bright! If on the odd occasion they were the right colour, then they were too short. Dress zips are long…and less common it seems! But finally, Oswestry Market came up with the goods.

Third Job: Make the project ten times more complicated!


I decided I needed to shorten the shoulders. This was fairly easy in theory because they had been lengthened at some point. So all I had to do was take out the extra bit and sew it back together. This involved unpicking about 6 or 7 different seams, in the right order, for EACH shoulder. Fun. This took longer than the zip! Made more difficult by the fact some of the fabric on the inserts was going through and therefore ripping rather than letting the stitching come undone! Mum also noticed that when the dress was altered last, the underskirt had been put back on inside out, so the bright green showed through the top fabric, whereas it was supposed to on the underside. It was also really really wonky and uneven. So this was to be altered. Luckily Mum agreed to re-pin it once I’d unpicked it.

Fourth Job: Dig out the sewing machine, and find somewhere to set it up!


After dusting the sewing machine, and setting it up on the ironing board in our spare room/sewing room I could start. Choosing the thread was easy enough, threading the bobbin and needle, also fine. After tacking the bodice to the skirt I could start putting my foot to the pedal and sew. This was easy….until the bobbin ran out of thread two inches from the end. Wonderful. Bobbin refilled, seam finished. Then I did the shoulders which took barely a few minutes. The reconstruction was complete.

Fifth Job: Pinning the zip into the dress, then sewing (carefully!)


Too many edges, too much chiffony fabric, too little patience 😛 Actually, I surprised myself. It only took two or three attempts to get it to lie flat! Apparently the secret is to not panic 😛 Oh, and overcross the fabric so that when it eases back it still covers the zip. I tacked it after pinning and before sewing to make it less likely to shift under the machine…time well spent! It sewed really nicely…even the tricky bit at the bottom where it has to be rotated under the sewing foot without trying to sew the chunky plastic bit. That can break the needle (she says from previous experience!). But anyway, it was successful. A few loose ends, and the lining tacked in place, the overstitching done and I was done 🙂

The finished article!

27.07.13 lauras wedding 007


About awishisarainbow

I have recently finished my degree in Linguistics, and now living back in Mid Wales facing the real world. I love to travel and take photographs. However, I spend more time making clothes and jewellery, and just generally filling my wardrobe with all the colours of the rainbow!!
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