15.10.13 secrets 004Well, if it’s a secret, I can’t tell anyone, can I?! Haha hence today’s photo I guess! My diaries. I don’t write a diary entry everyday. Sometimes I leave it for weeks, months on end. But I always go back to it eventually. Usually when I’ve looked something up from a year ago and found I didn’t write anything 😛 Or if I have something bothering me, worrying me…then I can write it down to get it off my chest. I write some of my more personal poetry in my diaries. I have, at times, poured my heart out on those pages. That’s why they are secrets. No-one should read those pages. But isn’t that the point of a diary? To write the things you can’t tell anyone? The things you have to keep secret, the things you don’t really like to say out loud.

That’s not to say it’s all doom and gloom, or even all emotional. I share my excitement with those pages, I share my happiness, I share my achievements. When I passed my driving test I wrote it in capital letters. When I drove by myself the first time, it went in there. It went on my ‘achievement wall’ page at the back. When friends achieve something, I jot it down. When I receive a gift, or buy something really nice, I make a note of it. Those things are things that don’t matter to anyone else, only me. My secrets.

‘Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.’ ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


About awishisarainbow

I have recently finished my degree in Linguistics, and now living back in Mid Wales facing the real world. I love to travel and take photographs. However, I spend more time making clothes and jewellery, and just generally filling my wardrobe with all the colours of the rainbow!!
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