Mockingjays and Daleks

20.11.13 hunger games dr who 001I’ve been painting my nails again today 😛 I had a few spare hours…so spent them wisely. To go with the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who I designed some nails accordingly. I painted them onto my nail wheels earlier in the week just to get my ideas finalised…and to see how good they could look, as I was convinced that the actual painting on my own nails was not going to be quite so successful 😛 So, left to right (little finger to thumb)…bow and arrow (HG), Cyberman (DW), fire (HG – ‘girl on fire’), Dalek (DW) and Mockingjay (HG). I like the dalek best 😛 23.11.13 nails doing 003That also gave me the chance to try out my new purchase…striping tapes! They are fiddly though!! Really fiddly. I think I need three hands!

Anyway, this afternoon I started my painting. I started with a base coat, then on thumb, middle finger and little finger I painted AVON’s Golden Twilight (for anyone who cares :P), and the other two fingers were painted ‘Out of this World’ from Sinful Colours (silver). I did two coats of the first colour, and three coats of the silver. 23.11.13 hunger games and dr who 001I then had a cuppa while I waited for those to dry 🙂 Good use of time, no?

Once dry, I could start the difficult bit…the decoration. I started with the mockingjay thumbs, using a gold nail pen to draw my design. What worked well, and was relatively easy on the plastic nail, was anything BUT on my actual nail :/ Not helped by the fact my nails aren’t that long and so the tails are a tad foreshortened. However, the right hand (painted by my left) is not as terrible as I feared, so that was a nice surprise! However, the photo really doesn’t do it justice…

Second nail(s) I attempted were the little finger, with bows and arrows. They both look alright, I’m just not keen on the design in general, but was devoid of further ideas. 23.11.13 nails doing 004I used the same colour nail pen as on the thumbs.

Third finger(s) was the ‘Girl on Fire’ inspired middle finger. It looked so much better on the wheel…I just didn’t have the precision on my own nails! Oh well. I layered up gold, bronze and orange nail pen varnishes, plus a deep red metallic one on top. I actually think my right hand looks better for this one! Maybe because the nail is longer…but who knows! 23.11.13 hunger games and dr who 010I think it’s all just luck 😛

Next I attacked the Cybermen 😛 I originally had drawn this using a black nail pen, but found it too harsh against the warmer browns and golds. So, against my better judgement, I used the Golden Twilight varnish, and a thin brush. I got in a terrible mess! I am quite far down the bottle, and so got polish smeared all over the paintbrush, then got that all over my fingers, trying not to smudge my other nails…and then had to control it sufficiently to paint lines on my nails. Well, my left hand is acceptable…let’s not talk about the right hand 😛 Looks more like a silver Lego character than a Cyberman! Ahh well 😛

23.11.13 hunger games and dr who 013So that leaves me with the fun but fiddly ones 🙂 My favourite ones. First step was using the bronze striping tape to make the lines on the dalek. This involved holding the reel with my free hand, and trying to position it on my nails with the ‘connected’ hand. Ye, I’ve done easier things. BUT, it was actually marginally easier than doing it on the wheel, probably because I could fold my other fingers our of the way! I did three lines on my left hand (as in the original design) but then realised my nails were shorter and therefore I was going to run out of room. On my right hand I only did two lines instead. Still looks effective 🙂 I left the ends long until I had finished completely. Then I had the ‘dots’ to do. These are gold nail gems, applied with clear nail varnish. So, dipping the little orange-stick into the polish, dotting it on my nails, picking up a gem with the still slightly sticky stick, and placing it on the dot of varnish. 23.11.13 hunger games and dr who 018Repeat for all the others. Fiddly but I really like the final effect!

All that then remained was to cut the tape ends and put a top coat on all the nails to secure the designs. Luckily, none of them smudged, as has previously happened!

23.11.13 hunger games and dr who 015




So, are they a fitting homage to Hunger Games and Doctor Who? 😛 And which are your favourite?

‘May the odds be ever in your favour’ ~ Suzanne Collins, Hunger Games

‘Wibbly wobbly timey wimey…stuff!’ ~ David Tennant as Doctor Who, ‘Blink’ episode


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I have recently finished my degree in Linguistics, and now living back in Mid Wales facing the real world. I love to travel and take photographs. However, I spend more time making clothes and jewellery, and just generally filling my wardrobe with all the colours of the rainbow!!
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