I failed again…it’s been over two months. I just haven’t felt inspired to write recently. I’ve been doing plenty other things though! Lots of creative projects completed…day trips…bbqs and picnics…haflas…

22.05.14 penguin pom finished (2)I made a penguin. A huge woolly pom pom penguin 🙂 It’s for the Air Penguin charity appeal…and took a long labour of love to complete! I was sitting backstage at the Attfield winding wool getting some very strange looks from the cast 😛 Unsurprising really. So here’s the finished penguin especially for them!

I finished sewing my jacket that I started planning about 18 months ago! The fabric was the leftovers from when I made Otter’s swimsuit for Wind in the Willows at Uni…and only just stretched far enough! Was stressful and tight squeeze but I got there 🙂 18.04.14 Beautiful day (3)I learnt a lot of new skills, and tweaked it to suit…and am actually really happy with it! It’s part of being a creative person that often you don’t like what you make….so it makes a nice change 🙂

We’ve been redecorating our bathroom…no heating, no storage…at one point, no door…I was showering at my Grandparents’ house! 09.06.14 bathroom piccies (1)But…now we’re nearly back to a usable room…and Mum and Dad asked me to do some artwork for them for the walls! It was really nice to have a purpose for painting! Again, not 100% happy…but happy enough. Next painting project…a lampshade 😀

Day trips wise…Shaun and I have been to Welshpool for a beautiful sunny afternoon, and spent last Saturday at Powis Castle…wandering round the gardens, and having a lovely picnic in the middle of the great lawn. 14.06.14 Edwardian Powis Picnic (98)We’ve had some lovely weather recently…and I feel I’ve really made the most of it, even if it’s just been taking Didy for a walk, or sitting in the garden painting!

Plus, I’ve been to London again! Went to see Titus Andronicus at the Globe. Wow….lots of fake blood. And I mean LOTS. The previous performance to the one we saw, quite a number of audience members fainted! Even during ours, lots of people had to go outside. 30.04.14 Day in London (19)It was a wonderful production, but really, very gory. Had a lovely walk round London, and dinner at Garfunkels, before a long (and slightly stressful) journey back to Oswestry.

Bangor’s Summer Dance Show…another brilliant one! Missed dancing with them though….:( The next day Shaun and I went to Beaumaris…lovely lovely day!! And ice cream of course…can’t go to Beaumaris without having ice cream 😛 P1110851Lots of driving that weekend though…and a bank holiday at that :/ Not a happy Liza! However, May Day was fun 😛 Went to Welshampton to see the Mummers Play, and dancing, and music…lots of fun!! Even the on and off bits of rain didn’t spoil it at all.

Mum and I have taken Atodiad out on a few trips over the last couple of months….just coffee and cake, or lunch…but a change of scenery 🙂 16.05.14 Golden Wedding AnniversaryWhittington Castle, Coed Y Dinas…nice to spend a few hours out and about with my grandparents. They also celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in May! Amazing.

Lastly…Haflas! Lots of dancey dancey 🙂 April brought Black Veil Tribal’s Beltane Bash in Wrexham. Mum and I danced together for the first time in absolutely ages! 10290623_857963847563420_5806679475434284151_nWe danced to The Flood by Katie Melua….my choreography, Mum’s nightmare 😛 But she did wonderfully 🙂 Then last Saturday we went to Shrewsbury for Jude’s Golden Oldies Hafla. Originally it was going to be Al Bahiyya…then no-one could come, so it became Al Jamila dancing the same dance! My first choreography for Al Bahiyya…my personal Golden Oldie. P1120754Taken back to the group I learnt from. Then, about four days in advance, Bex said she could now come! So we had both groups dancing together 🙂 Brilliant 🙂 We have our own Midsummer Hafla on Saturday….I’m doing four dances….which means four costumes. Bring it on 😛

‘In the end of each day, sit and find a reason to smile’ ~ Unknown (via pinterest)


About awishisarainbow

I have recently finished my degree in Linguistics, and now living back in Mid Wales facing the real world. I love to travel and take photographs. However, I spend more time making clothes and jewellery, and just generally filling my wardrobe with all the colours of the rainbow!!
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