The Girl behind the Blog

Clothes, jewellery, dance, poetry…all give a picture of who I am. But did you know?….

1) At Uni I generally did twice as many hours of dance as I did timetabled hours of lectures/seminars.

2) I was born under the sign of Cancer the crab….my Mum is phobic of crabs πŸ˜›

3) Have been a member of the Attfield Theatre in Oswestry pretty much since born…but didn’t tread the boards until 2000, age 9.

4) Since the above, my acting credits include a child needing the loo, a chicken, a fairy, a magical magpie (who got knocked out), a witch and a pregnant twenty-something!

5) I went to Moscow for a week with a friend. Age 16. Scared parents πŸ˜›

6) Actually enjoyed Maths at school, even choosing to do the Maths Challenges and the Team Challenge two years running. Yes, I’m THAT sad!

7) I drink way too much tea…but did succeed in giving it up for Lent one year. Wasn’t a pleasant experience.

8) I am an only child with a huge imagination πŸ™‚

9) I like to make clothes from recycled materials – bubble wrap, wrapping paper, Capri Sun packets….

10) I also make jewellery out of old bits of locks and handles etc…(Goldy-Locks Jewellery)

11) I hate hot weather. I tend to moan. A lot.

12) I never wanted to go to Uni – the thought of three more years studying really didn’t appeal. I went anyway.

13) Have climbed Snowdon twice and actually not put off the idea of doing it again!

14) I do belly dancing. I taught my own class at Uni, and now teach using video tutorials on our Facebook group.Β My style is definitely quirky πŸ˜› I have belly danced en pointe numerous times, despite never quite getting there during my ballet years.

15) My taste in music is very varied…from cheesy pop to classical to rock anthems. And pretty much everything in between. Except Dance anthems…they tend to ruin perfectly good songs (in my opinion :P)

16) For a similar reason, I didn’t take English Literature at A Level. I didn’t want to rip apart a good book. Sorry Mr Biles-Liddell πŸ˜›

17) I can’t ride a bike. I don’t really want to learn.

18) I still collect Ty Beanies and have well over 500.

19) I love vintage with a story. Mainly anything from Grandma! I also love lace gloves, 1950s dresses and sequins!

20) Friends and family are the most important things to me.

21) I have a Jack Russell Terrier called Didymus (as opposed to Enor-mus – think about it :P), a tabby called Truffle and a three legged cat called Button πŸ™‚

22) Have studied lots of languages in various capacities – French and Russian to GCSE, German to A Level, British Sign Language via a family friend and Mandarin Chinese at Uni. I can’t hold a conversation in any of them πŸ˜›

23) I had a drawing published in a magazine once. It wasn’t great :/ On a plus note, I was a runner up in a T-shirt designing competition a few years later and won a month’s worth of chocolate! It lasted most of the year πŸ˜›

24) I didn’t have a party for my 18th. I had a lovely meal with my parents at a seafood restaurant in Somerset instead.

25) I have never been drunk. Tipsy, yes, but never drunk.

26) I love photography but am always embarrassed to take pictures around other people. Send me off into Powis Castle Gardens on my own for two hours and you get over 200 photos, come with me and I’ll take about 20.

27) I did Ballet since the age of about 3 and achieved my Grade 8. Somehow.

28) I still have no idea what I am going to do after I finish Uni! *Edited after finishing Uni….I STILL don’t know what I want to do!

3 Responses to The Girl behind the Blog

  1. ibc4 says:

    Really looking forward to following this blog. As soon as I’ve worked out how to link mine to yours I will do. We can cross-traffic. Happy blogging πŸ˜€

  2. yeeeeed says:

    I love this – except the maths part πŸ˜›

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