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The advent of Advent

Sunday is the first of December, and therefore the start of advent! Where on earth has this year gone?! It feels no time at all since I was rounding off a brilliant year of celebrations and holidays. Maybe it’s because … Continue reading

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Mockingjays and Daleks

I’ve been painting my nails again today 😛 I had a few spare hours…so spent them wisely. To go with the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who I designed some nails accordingly. … Continue reading

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It’s Pudsey time!

Recently I bought some blank ‘nail wheels’ so that I could try out my nail art before trying to do it on my own nails. This was a very good decision, because it has made it much easier, especially if … Continue reading

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‘Sew’ Much To Do….

Before I had my sewing machine, I had to sew everything by hand. Not just small things like buttons or darning…those are easier by hand anyway…but re-hemming, seams, alterations. But I didn’t mind. I quite liked sewing by hand: making … Continue reading

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Going well…

Well, the ‘keeping up with writing my blog even though I’m not doing the photo challenge this month’ is going well….:P Not having a prompt, however difficult it was, means I’ve gone back to being uninspired…I want to write but … Continue reading

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Categorizing and Adding…

I’ve just spent the last hour or so reorganising all the posts on my blog. When I first set it up I left all my posts as ‘uncategorized’ because a) I didn’t know what I was going to write about … Continue reading

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White Rabbits!

Yes I know I should have said that before midday, but hey! There we have it, my month of photo challenge linked with blog is over. I’m quite impressed that I kept it up. Some days were certainly better than … Continue reading

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